2K carry after getting killed.

Ah, you're one of those "I have an opinion so I must be right" kinda guys huh? Each game is different. Different people, different strategy, different heroes and different approaches. I recently let my 6k friend play on my 3k account. He hated every second of it. His win rate was 50% because he found it difficult to get the team to follow his lead and push when required, found that the supports either didn't ward or warded stupidly. The mid often lost and blamed the supports, the supports blamed the carry and overall he found it hard to actually.win games by being the best player. Dota is a perfect storm of getting the players who all push towards the common goal together. You cannot say that someone "deserves" to be at their MMR at all times. Drip Dendi into 2k and he won't get out for a while because it'll be 1 vs 9 a lot of the time. Sure he can outplay the other players but if they work together and his team doesn't, he's fucked.

Tl;dr fuck off with your elitist attitude, prick.

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