I (31M) Am Falling in Love With My Best Friend (19F) and I Hate Myself For It

So someone is automatically a bad guy if most of their friends are female? Couldn't just be that they get along with women more because most males these days are fucking toxic masculinity pieces of shit? I think you just don't understand Millennials and gen Z. You're lashing out because you're out of touch. Eventually you will be left behind in the dust like The Relic you are. Also nobody is manipulating anybody into anything here. She constantly reaches out to me for help and to hang out. See the problem with people like you is that you see one little tiny detail like the age difference and you take that and run with it and make a bunch of dumb ass assumptions with no real context. You probably knee jerk reacted to the title without reading the post. That's fine and all but you don't actually have a good argument here. Literally the only point you've made is that it's weird because of the age Gap and then you just assumed that I'm some kind of monster because of the age Gap. But yet there are married couples walking around where one is in their seventies and the other is in their 50s and that's not a problem for you? Kind of feels like a straw man fallacy to me. What's good for the goose is good for the gander as far as I'm concerned.

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