4yo son's favorite playmate is leaving daycare - what do I do?

Our oldest has been in preschool since 3 so they’ve had some friends leave here and there. From what I noticed they just move onto the next person. I noticed the longer they stay there the “best friend” changes. For like 6 mo it was kid A. Then it jumps to Kid B. Then to Kid C. Now when I ask my kid who their best friend at school is, it’s like a list of 8 kids.

Our kid starts K in a few months and I’m not that worried about the friend thing. Even if I grab numbers of parents they’re currently best friends with, I know unless we’re spending every weekend with them that friendship will whither over time. By the end of K there’s going to be new best friends at the new school.

Of course every kid is different and if you feel your son has a hard time making new friends it might be worth grabbing some numbers from parents to help them transition. For our kid they’ll literally be friends with any other kid that wants to so I’m not too worried about it.

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