7yo Daughter is obese....what can we do?

I suspect that, as a family, you're not eating nearly as healthy as you think you are. You're probably eating way too much food containing way too much sugar. It's super easy to do if you're not very diligent about your diet for a while, because it's what most adults in the US grew up on.

I sympathize. I've been overweight for as long as I can remember and diet is something I struggled with my entire adult life. I feel like I've only recently started getting it right..... and I probably wouldn't have managed that without some food allergies cropping up.

Here are some thoughts:

  • Get rid of the clothes that don't fit so she doesn't have to be embarrassed about wearing clothes that are too small. She shouldn't have to feel ashamed/embarrassed about her weight.
  • Get rid of all junk food in the house. If it's not there, she won't be tempted to eat it and can't sneak it.
  • No eating for comfort, no food as a bribe or a reward.
  • Stop with the desserts. If you do want to do dessert, make it rare, once a month or so, and don't bring sweets into the house for it, take the family out for dessert instead.
  • From now on no one drinks any calories. That includes milk. There are healthier ways to get the nutrition milk provides without all of the sugar, fat, and let's face it, hormones.
  • Cut back on grains/starches to 1-2 servings a day and make them whole grains. You could really eliminate them all together, but for most people, that's not sustainable and a 95% healthy diet you'll stick to is better than a 100% healthy one you'll hate and quit in 3wks.
  • Measure food to make sure you have proper portion sizes.
  • As for fruits, make sure you're serving ones that are lower sugar/higher fiber.
  • Help her find an activity she likes and will enjoy - my daughter swims competitively throughout the winter months and goes mountain biking in warmer weather.
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