About the word "neutrality" and people who are "neutral".

do you really, truly think that being involved in the maelstrom that is GamerGate actually does anything about the status quo and helping the disenfranchised and marginalized?

because, let’s be fucking real here: it’s people literally oozing privilege arguing with others that are literally oozing privilege. the ability to not only enjoy a video game, but also to purchase one, comes from having a big amount of privilege to begin with, and we’re all involved in a “discussion” (read: flame war) about video games while being privileged enough to afford them, to afford the devices we use to play them, to afford the devices we use to talk about them, and to afford the services those devices run on that allow our words to be seen by others.

we may not be at the top of privilege mountain, but we’re surely to the point that we have to follow slightly different cooking directions.

so if someone really doesn’t feel that arguing about diversity in video games is a worthy expenditure of their limited time on this world, why the fuck would we shame them for it? it’s literally a weaponization of our very fucking privilege, using it to bludgeon people for not taking our privileged position as seriously as we believe they should.

it also comes off as incredibly lacking in general empathy. I mean, I know I’m about to commit one hell of a Social Justice Faux Pas, but...there are a lot of really huge fucking issues in the world right now that matter a shit ton more than an internet war between neo-nazi internet fuckwads and people that don’t lose their shit when a main character is black or female.

I think we have a lot of fucking privilege to be able to care so much about this really, supremely simple issue (DIVERSITY IS GOOD! END OF GODDAMNED DISCUSSION GATERS) when there’s a vast world of far more nuanced and complicated issues that are, to be completely honest here, a LOT more important. like, for real. we don’t even DO anything about this issue, we just sit back and throw shade and mock, and try to be nice to people that get fucked by GG.

and yes, GG has done incredibly fucking terrible and ridiculous shit. there are real victims that have had their lives put out of whack because of this bullshit.

but are you, are any of us, really going to shame someone for not devoting their time to sitting in our subreddit and repeating “GG is bad, Wu is good” like the rest of us? fucking hell, I have absolutely no problem admitting that I’m swimming in privilege at this moment, and I’m not going to insinuate that someone else doesn’t care about same sex marriage and trans issues just because they don’t want to be part of the gamergate discussion.

like, please tell me that you realize there are a lot of really good people in the world that you are accusing of ignoring your plight solely because they don’t know about GG or haven’t voiced their disgust over it. I have a group of friends from college made up of all the colours of the LGBT spectrum (and all the colours of skin, too) that aren’t involved in being “activist” against GG; are they ignoring your plight even when they’re out marching and speaking and attending conferences regarding these exact issues, solely because they haven’t subscribed to ghazi and used the StopGamerGate hashtag?

sorry to unload on you, but jesus is it insulting to see someone tell someone else they don’t care about LGBT issues if they aren’t talking about GamerGate. it’s like accusing someone of ignoring animal rights because they aren’t part of PETA or something.

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