AITA For making my Brothers wedding reception "about me"?

I've got brothers. One of them was in a very serious relationship with a girl who the family didn't like because of how she treated him. Best choice I ever made was to talk to him about her behavior. Not in a "she's terrible" way, just in a "I don't like how she calls every hour when you're visiting me and you always go talk to her for half an hour. I miss being able to just hang out with you." Turned out he wasn't thrilled with that either (among other things) and knowing the rest of the family had noticed and disliked it as well helped push him over the edge from accepting it because he loved her and wanted to help her to breaking up because he didn't want a life with someone who treated his other loved ones poorly. I got to keep a good relationship with my brother and eventually got a sister-in-law who's someone I'd legitimately want to be close friends with even if she wasn't an in-law.

Bring it up with your brother. He deserves to know that his fiance is causing needless conflict with his family, and if this is a habit with her, it might save him from a lifetime of stress trying to balance her with his existing family.

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