AITA for telling a family friend no one cares when her baby is due?

YTA. some people do care about their loved ones' pregnancies. it sounds like you went from 0-100. it sounds like this has been bottling up and you exploded. that's not fair for anyone.

I'm childfree myself and i also don't give any shits about kids, pregnancies, due dates, announcements, entitled parents, shitty parents etc... but we don't have to be so rude about it. there are other ways to get the point across without sending a person to tears.

my suggestion to you is to seek therapy for how irrationally angry you are about kids. I'm not saying you have to like kids or accept them but it would be helpful to learn how to control your emotions surrounding the topic. it's not doing anybody any favors (quite the opposite, obviously) that you feel as upset as you do.

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