Amazon workers plan Black Friday strike

"I paid $50 a month in union dues to get $50 a month insurance at Vons.

So $100 for insurance, where the cheapest plan at Amazon right now is $150...

You're talking out of your ass."

Sweetie I bet you weren't even alive when I was working in a union shop so don't be presumptuous as to how it was. This was long before Obamacare was passed in 2010 that required employers to provide health insurance to those who worked more than 32 hours a week.

Before Omamacare it was very common for employers to require you work for them 40 hours a week for an entire year before you qualified for any benefits. It was a big celebration that on your one year anniversary at a company you'd be presented with a big folder that explained all your benefits.

I was only ever allowed to work 35 hours a week for only slightly above minimum wage. I was required to pay $43 a pay period in union dues. That's $86 a month. That would have paid all of my electric bill most months and most my gas bill half the year. I worked in 3 union jobs over the course of 7 years. I was always a member of the working poor during those years.

I didn't start making any real $ until I got a non union job and kept it for 20 years. The pay wasn't great but the benefits were excellent.

Your're the one talking out your ass.

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