America Destroyed By German

For example the Communist led Revolution between WW1 and 2 might not be brought up.

Taught in my class to some extent, admittedly not too much, but we left out a lot of info on WW1. Too busy teaching how evil the Nazis were, as if we couldn't tell after the first year..

Or the atrocities that befell Germany after they lost the war only get a passing mention at best.

Was taught very well and uhhmm we still notice the after effects, our grandma's were the ones rebuilding the countries mate, come on, we still have first hand reports.. lmao

The Bombing of Dresden, the relocation of Civilians, the Rape by Russians, the PoW Death Camps, etc.

The quote we got to read was something along the lines of "Rather a russian over my stomach than an american over my head" referring to the US bomb raids.. Maybe it was the other way around? I cant remember now choose which one I'd rather have

Though to be fair in rare instances some of the "positives" of Nazi Germany are aknowledged, like animals rights or anti-smoke campaign.

And the Autobahn! Given that he built them for tanks but oh well..

War tech like rockets are also one of the few things that are talked a bit more proudly about, like how the superpowers were really after getting their hands on German science and scientists after the war.

Of course, without Werner von Braun you would've never even reached the moon. Don't try to deny that..

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