Americans of Reddit what’s your school horror story?

•the time a teacher hit a diabetic girl in the head with a book for asking to go to the nurse so hard she hit the desk and began to bleed profusely and wouldn't let her tablemates drag her to the nurse until class was over 30 minutes later •there was an actual shooting attempt going on and a kid started playing gunshot sounds off his phone during the lockdown •a teacher grabbed my face, made me look her in the eyes, and told me no one would ever love me because I'm so sensitive (at the time i was not yet diagnosed with autism and adhd) and then when i ran out of the room crying, called actual cops on me. yes it was the same day as the other teacher almost killed a girl and yes she did this because i was asking her to help me report a teacher nearly killing a child. •found a different diabetic girl near death on the floor of a bathroom and had to help a teacher do cpr until the ambulance arrived.

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