Anonymous Dolphins players question Tua Tagovailoa's ability, future

I've never understood the hype with Tua at Alabama. He had accuracy but not that great of an arm. He was never forced to have to make tough decisions because he was surrounded with elite talent who was always open. A lot of his biggest plays were swing passes and short slants across the middle that guys like Jeudy, Ruggs and Smith could take the distance. He was surrounded by probably the strongest OL in college football and whenever his very first read wasn't available (which was rarely) he would panic.

Another thing I think some people need to start taking more seriously is the Wonderlic score, for QBs only. You can point to Dan Marino, Jim Kelly and Terry Bradshaw's low scores but in 2020 with much more complicated defensive schemes, there have been next to no QB score less than 20 and be a great QB, the lone outlier being Lamar Jackson but he's an incredibly gifted athlete surrounded by of the best staffs.

If trade rumors are true then and everyone is questioning his long term abilities then they should move him and hope to land Zach Wilson in the draft.

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