Anonymous member receives FBI investigation documents from a whistleblower that show that the CIA was responsible for the 2001 anthrax attacks, which was a a psyop to fuel public terror and build support for the Iraq War. He's subsequently arrested on child porn charges and tortured by the FBI.

Here is some more reading on this topic, for anyone interested:

Five-part National Post investigative series published last year: (this series was the first to come out, and it is a bit too narrative for my liking, it messes up the timeline and gets confusing, but this reporter had unprecedented access to Matt and did most of the digging that turned up the FBI declassified report, the medical record backing up Matt's claims of torture, etc).

Independent journalist Marcy Wheeler's coverage on Matt: Wheeler has been adding her smart take of developments in Matt's case to the public record for a while, and she's a good expert opinion to read on national security prosecutions.

Der Spiegel article in German: English translation:

The website the Courage Foundation put together to defend Matt has a lot of links to the legal documents: Courage is the foundation Wikileaks employee Sarah Harrison set up after she helped Snowden escape Hong Kong. Matt is the foundations third beneficiary (the first two: Snowden and Jeremy Hammond)

Al Jazeera English: Will Matt DeHart be the next victim of the war on leaks?

For the trolls who won't believe this because it's BuzzFeed: it strikes me that, because it is BuzzFeed, you are finally paying attention to it being on Reddit. Matt's story has been covered in other media extensively before.

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