Anti mask Karens holding up the voting line in DuPage County, IL.

Yep, and they always drive pickup trucks and SUVs.

Pickup trucks for the fragile masculinity despite not working a blue-collar job and living in the middle of the suburbs, and SUVs for the status and to flaunt class and superiority.

The vehicles driven by the most aggressive and self-centered drivers on the road.

Sedans have always been the default until recently. All the others were niche markets. And the reason they aren't niche anymore is because of people who think they are special and different.

The rise in political polarization has led to suburban and exurban douchebags buying pickup trucks to show that they are rural and country and not a bunch of liberal wimps who drive sedans, and also Karens to buy SUVs to keep up with the Joneses and seem above others.

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