Any advice for an awkward who just started a new career job he loves, but is failing miserably at "being part of the team?"

Get people to talking about their families and their interests. I absolutely hate doing this. It offends me somehow to mix work with mingling. I am awkward.

But I make myself do it to fit in at work. Ask them what sort of things they like to do in their free time, ask how many kids they have, asked how they met their spouse, ask what sort of movies they like to watch, ask what there is to do in the area for fun, ask if they like bowling, ask if the company has a good Christmas party. Yammer on with any insignificant thought that comes into your head.

And then you kind of have to remember it too, or they're going to think you have a drinking problem

And the next time you see them you asked how Sarah's soccer game with and you how their favorite TV show turned out and you ask if everyone wants to get together to watch Game of Thrones when it starts.

It really sucks, especially if you are not naturally social like I am not. But you just do it.

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