Make the dreams stop

I am and always have been an outcast. Like I said, I have several friends. There are several factors as to why I don't have a social life, however.

1: I'm an intellectual Yankee in the woods of Virginia. I'm surrounded by idiots who are incapable of even semi-advanced cognitive function, including my "dad". And honestly I'd be fine with it if they were just idiots, but they're assholes too, and anything they don't understand is Satanic or homosexual, which is also Satanic. Basically their thought process hasn't changed one bit since the days of the Salem Witch Trials. TIL I'm a devil-worshiping homosexual.

2: My birth mother pulled me out of society whilst I was in the middle of second grade. After that, I was completely isolated until I was 15. I'm only 17. I don't fall into any category, I don't blend in with any group, I don't know anything about anything "everyone" talks about, and I have basically no emotions (for example, the hillbillies on my bus used to try and push me about, which I was having none of. They never brought out any reaction, aside from a snarky and often menacing reply, which I would say in a monotone voice, maintaining completely calm body language, while staring them dead in the eye). Basically the only people who've brought out my emotions are the girlfriends I had, and the bands I listen to.

3: I have basically no "interests". Nothing I've ever done and enjoyed in my life is anything regular, aside from gaming, which I did solely single-player, since I had no internet or friends. Towards the end of 15 I had a blast with several short-term friends (one of whom has stuck with me) playing Capture the Flag and such with foam noodles as swords and balls stolen from a child's ball pit as projectiles. We did it every Friday for a while, but that ended rather quickly. Can't do that anymore. I hate sports, I'm not an athlete in the slightest, other than being able to run very quickly, though I lack the endurance for track. I hate hunting and fishing, which are the two most favored hobbies around here. I used to do archery (with an inanimate target), but my new parents won't let me have a bow and arrow, since they're oblivious to my maturity and degree of responsibility I exhibit. I loved raising chickens, I would hold them and talk to them, walk around with them, and even take them for bike rides. I can't have chickens now.

4: My parents don't get it. They're not my real parents, I've been with them for a year. They're under the impression that it's impossible for such a thing as a mature, responsible, and half-way intelligent teenager to exist, and on top of that, perceive me as some kind of weakling, always asking if I can "handle" basic things. Everything I like to do is evil (gaming and archery, and I do have a major interest in swordsmanship and small-blade fighting of some kind, if some such sport exists), and they've hindered my attempts to get a driver's license, which I was due to get last December (technically sooner, but I got my learner's permit late). They complain any time I ask them to drive me to a friend's house, and always make a big deal of calling their parents beforehand.

Basically I'm in a shitty situation and surrounded by shitty people.

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