Anyone else annoyed by unsupportive people in your life?

I am trying very hard to transition to healthier food options at home while I increase the rigor of my fitness routine. I have desperately asked my mom countless times to stop buying frozen pizzas, chicken fingers, fries, along with chips, cookies, chocolate, and soda, but she continues to buy them. She doesn't speak English so I can't even convey how I feel fully. We live in a household in North America that still maintains cultural roots at home so 99% of our diet is ethnic cuisine (which I'm fine with). However any time I want a break from that and eat something else it usually feels like the only other option is something frozen. As important as it is to build self-control and resist urges to eat such food, sometimes I have no choice because there is nothing else besides that or fruit at home and I can't always eat fruit.

Recently after 6 months of not exercising I have begun going routinely to the gym for 3 weeks straight now and got my friend to design me a workout as well. Things have been going great and I'm feeling much better inside. But I fucking hate all the shit I get from my dad who keeps trying to complain about my exercise habits. Every time it is something new, be it going/not going to the gym at a certain time, always bothering me asking what exercise I did today, asking me why I didn't do an exercise or not go a given day, or yelling at me to go to the gym. The last one pisses me off the most--I'm not going because you expect me to, I have a day and time planned out when I go, just because it is not when you want me at the gym doesn't mean the whole world is going to shit...

I need to buy some protein powder and a shaker cup next week to start using and I just know ahead of time even telling my family about it they'll just laugh and say that's for professionals and not amateur gym goers like you.

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