Are using Chatroulette sites the same thing as cheating?

My boyfriend was using omegle to get girls naked. Like. He would actually try to get them to show him their naked bodies/get undressed for him and dance around or whatever. He would compliment them and everything. Even call them "beautiful" and all that. He would talk to them for a long time to earn their trust to eventually get to talking them into It. It made me feel very bad about myself. I don't mind porn at all, but once you start getting personal, I feel betrayed. You ask other women to take their clothing off specifically for you. Compliment them in ways you would do your gf, it's just different to me.

Not to mention one girl he got naked, said she was 15 years old and he still proceeded to ask her to take her clothing off. I feel differently about him since that whole situation. My boyfriend is 25.

He was doing this while I was in the same room. But where I couldn't see his computer where I was sitting. Until one day I ended up catching him off guard and saw what he was doing.

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