Australian Woman Asked If She Had an Abortion by US Border Official

Am previously a constant visitor and big fan of the US. Here's what I'd say right now.

Do not transit through the US west coast to other countries from the Asia Pacific. Fly directly to the country or transit through Canada or a Central or South American airport. While US citizens are generally unaware of the shithole their country has become for outsiders, the reports from terrorised visitors are in the thousands and growing.

Digital rape is the big one. Get on the wrong side of the hyper-aggressive border official and they will ensure you get digitally raped in the anus or vagina in a "search". Wrongfully imprisoned is the next. Wrongfully deported goes with that.

Do not assume the border official you will encounter in the US is a sane, trained professional. Expect outspoken extreme political views, misogyny, racism, uncontrolled aggression, conspiracy paranoia and general fricking weirdness. While most US citizens I've met are good people, for some reason they have put too many psychotic assholes on their borders. If you don't need to transit through their country, or if there is another option, avoid the US. It's a hateful, dysfunctional mess.

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