“Go back to your f-king country!” Home Depot employees in Tukwila WA reportedly fired after escorting woman out following her racial and homophobic verbal attacks.

One more reason to avoid spending money at a shit business that would fire a good employee for standingnupnto a racist. This man worked at Home Depot for 10 years & only got $0.78 raise in that entire time. Then, after public/media backlash, the douches offer him his job back. He wisely refused.

'Rucker then told the publication that he rejected the company’s offer based on his poor experiences as an employee while working for the company for nearly a decade.

“I felt like there wasn’t a whole lot of love for me there,” he said, adding that he felt under-appreciated and underpaid with the company.

According to the Times Union, Rucker’s salary only increased from $12 per hour to $12.78 per hour in the time he spent working for the company.'

I hope he's doing well.

I also hope that rabid bitch dog is infested with immortal fleas.


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