I have been under lockdown for two months and I am good, how can I help you?

I guess before i say anything I wanna say, 2 months lockdown wouldn't be easy and I hope you're okay.

I'm in Australia rn and as of rn no lockdown with this virus. I've still got a job so I'm one of the lucky ones, I've stayed informed and as a result....I'm not really scared. But hearing this shit from my family who obsess over it every day, i officially don't care anymore. Maybe that's wrong but...I just don't, hearing it just depresses me and pisses me off. I've stopped looking at the stats and case numbers, I'm not burying my head in the sand I'm just not obsessing over it. Maybe this is selfish idk....

The prospect of being locked down with my family....that alone makes me genuinely suicidal rn, but my depression was already flaring up.

Sorry for the long post, i guess...I just needed to vent tonight.

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