Begone adam vaughan

It's about the title of the bill and he said he made a typo and meant to write wtaf because the title is silly. That's it.

I'm not a Liberal supporter btw, but the NDP bill is a) unconstitutional because you need to negotiate with the provinces first (as the Liberals are already doing) and b) not even valid because private member's bills from the opposition can't spend money as this one implies. It's a useless piece of legislation that the NDP knows will get voted down so they can say that "other parties don't support nice things for Canadians". It's literal virtue signalling and people who can't see it are either ignorant or lying.

Sorry if that upsets people. I'm sure it will and I expect downvotes as a result. But to me actually getting pharmacare is more important, even if it takes longer, than supporting one parties' inability to understand how provincial jurisdiction or parliament works. A problem that is ongoing for everything and it's so frustrating as a supporter because how tf are you supposed to get anything done if you don't understand this? Smgdh

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