Being male is superior to being female.

Those physically strong jobs you fantasize sounds kind of similar to a teenager that thinks raising a baby would be fun. Blue collar jobs are hated because they're low paying and unappreciated and required for basic necessities. Women have the capability to do any white collar job a man can, and are encouraged to do so(but I can see the turn off of being in a 99% male dominated field).

Might be biased since I'm trans but men can't be cam models and make more than a STEM graduate. I'd do this if I was a natal female but just wouldn't as a trans for various reasons. I get sexually assaulted regularly and many men do as well. There's always someone bigger and stronger than you. Women can slime their way into your comfort zone and get away with societal backing so strength isn't needed.

That and I also have to deal with all of the combined factors that contributes to the stuff listed here (probably not the most pro-female sounding website but it's all I can find right now)

I used to tell myself women had it worse and strongly held that opinion, but I always found myself forcing it rather than actually believing it.

I agree with the period and birth stuff though, that must really suck. Fuck that.

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