Birth control after baby

I've had paraguard and my best advice to you is make 100% sure your doctor knows what she's doing. Insertion of the actual device didn't hurt, but months later I was in the worst pain imaginable. I went back to get things checked out (my doctor cut the strings too short so I couldn't feel them even though I requested her to leave them long! Make sure your doctor doesn't do this). She took a quick look and said no everything is fine and that the pain will go away. I begged her to look into the possibility that something else might be wrong and she never did, said it was cramping not pain. 3 days later I couldn't get out of bed and passed out from the pain trying to get to the bathroom. I ended up in the er overnight where they did an ultrasound and found that it had migrated so far into my actual uterus that I needed surgery. They said my doctor should have seen that it was not in place. On top of that I found out I had chlamydia (bf cheated but that's another story.) which was left untreated for so long with the iud being a perfect way for the bacteria to reach my pelvis and led to PID. When she asked me before insertion if I wanted to be tested for stds I said yes to be on the safe side even though I had only had that one partner ever. Turns out she tested me for all the more "expensive" ones but not the most common std out there. Those were the most painful two months of my life. I'm sure you can only imagine my face when I got a $400 bill in the mail for the day she spent 5 minutes checking me only to tell me I wasn't in pain. Not trying to turn you off from having an iud, i know tons of people who love them! Just educate yourself first on what is and isn't normal and don't make the same mistakes I did on the off chance that you do have complications. You will know your body better than anyone else.

Another option is using condoms until you can get an implant again. That's what I would personally do because you won't have to deal with any side effects. And you already know the implant works for you.

The problem is I can't have any form of hormonal Birth control at all, so after our lo is born (we're 100% sure we only want one) husband has a vasectomy scheduled.

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