Black kid denied entry to restaurant because of “ dress code” while other kid in the restaurant is wearing the same type of attire

You just called me a cracker, and I'm the racist? You don't know the first thing about me, other than that I'm white and what you can glean from my post history. I never said I wasn't angry, I'm just in recognition of my own anger. I could judge the man in this video as harshly as possible, or I could give him the benefit of the doubt just as should be given to anyone regardless of their race or (you will probably disagree with this) whatever limited information I have about a situation. It's only the recognition of my own anger that allows me to believe in that benefit.

Hitler was misguided, just as Jesus was guided. There is no right or wrong, there is ignorance and enlightenment. I have been blessed with the enlightenment of knowing that I should stop replying to you, because it only fuels more anger.

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