Blender 2.82 - Features Showcase

Honestly I feel like I have the exact opposite feelings as you. I've never used Maya or Max so I guess I don't have a reference point, but I absolutely love how efficient Blender is. Having all the shortcut keys makes editing a model just super easy. And I've always loved Blender's selection tools; right-click to select, ctrl-click to lasso, B for marquee--it's all just so efficient, and it doesn't lead to annoying things like in other software where left-click is both select and do something else.

I honestly have never found any other software as useful as Blender. I've recently been learning Photoshop and while it's OK, it still just doesn't feel as intrinsically efficient as Blender in its UI. And when I tried learning professional 2D animation software (both Adobe Animate and Toonboom) I never felt they were nearly as easy to use as Blender.

I imagine that, because people apparently like Max and Maya more than Blender, those programs must have some serious tools that Blender is lacking. But I feel like, for anyone without a reference point, Blender can be pretty darn good.

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