Bruce Willis asked to leave pharmacy for ‘refusing’ to wear a mask

My girlfriend and I were at an upscale Italian restaurant in Newport Beach (CA) about five years ago. After appetizers, I got up to go to the bathroom and I saw this 5’11-6’0 white guy with jet black hair crying over the sink about the glory days and how he used to look. It was Bruce Willis. Standing there, hands on the sink, donning a jet black toupee. He took off the toupee, threw it in the trash and was startled when he heard the bathroom door close behind me. Bruce then grabbed my shoulders and said, “look kid, that beautiful head of hair of yours may or may not last forever, take advantage of it.”

He let go of me, patted my butt like an NBA player after a good game as I stood there in awe of what just happened, I had my car keys on my belt buckle still but I couldn’t find my wallet.

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