'bullets don't do that to children's bodies because F--- Biden'

Something I think may be interesting to learn is a very wise statement from when I was at a summer camp. While there, we had riflery instructors who told us this:

“Guns are not weapons, they are tools. They become weapons when one uses them to hurt or attack another.”

Not only was he was he great with a rifle, but he taught me and countless other kids how to safely and properly use a gun.

Do I believe that guns should be more regulated? Absolutely. Do I think that people kill people more often than guns kill people? Absolutely. But it will NEVER take away the fact that the killing of children in a 1st world society like ours is UNACCEPTABLE. We need to do more, we need to do better. Its very unfortunate that Republicans cannot see this, but eventually they WILL be run out, and we can finally be safe again.

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