Burger King's Wi-fi logo is a burger

I've been boycotting burger king for 3 years now. When i was a sophomore in college, I went in to a local burger king for their tasty flagship entree, The Whopper. Ended up waiting 45 minutes while half of their employees stood outside shootin' the shit, smoking cigarettes, and being obnoxiously loud. Meanwhile, inside the restaurant, a bald, middle aged man who called himself Billy was trying to sell me fake Oakley's while he tried to make small talk with me, to which I was becoming visibly pissed off. I just wanted my god damn whopper and at this point I had invested too much time inside the burger king, so if I just walked out and given up, burger king would have won. Alas, I ended up telling the people working behind the counter that this was the slowest, shittiest, and all around worst burger king I had ever been to, and that I just wanted my whopper. They say "sir why didn't you just ask for it, its been sitting right here for like, 10 minutes now", pointing at a bag sitting on one of the counters behind the main counter. I promptly snatch the food out of the lady's hands, give her the most fucked up, "I-may-be-an-unstable-and-slightly-dangerous-person-and-was-this-close-to-doing-something-rash" look, tell Billy he should find a new way to make money besides soliciting fake oakley's to poor college kids inside of a burger king, and also "Fuck off", then left. I hate burger king. I hate what they represent. They think they won that day, they think they got the best of me. I'm so god damn tired I can't even feel my fingers any more. Imagine being best friends with somebody for your whole life and one day they just decide to completely throw your whole friendship down the drain, because they can't make a whopper in an appropriate amount of time, and allow solicitors to sell fake oakley's inside of their home. Fuck burger king. Fuck everything they stand for, and fuck their whoppers. Their fries aren't even that good anymore.

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