You can't truly understand the power of heroin until in the span of a week your best friend of over 10 years leaves you behind for it.

Im sorry about you're friend man. It isn't heroin's fault. Diamorphine is just a very powerful narcotic because of how fat soluble it is, there are ways out of the cycle without terrible withdrawals... Find him man... save your friend, theres ways out. I started with oxys, then methadone to try and quit... couldn't... said fuck it and started snorting heroin. Junior year of high school comes and someone introduced me to psychedelics.. I did some research on it and found out that for the week after trip, its hard for the brain to fall back into routine thinking patterns, and that includes addiction related thinking patterns.. I dropped 400-500 ug and probably had the most introspective nightmarish trip of all time... stopped using the day after, passed out 30 hours after dropping and when I woke up, my urges were gone. I saved my diamorphine because I was afraid the withdrawals would come back, but during the trip I had decided this was it! I had 0 withdrawals man, besides a rather unpleasant/distracting headache and a general sense of discomfort, I wasn't nauseous, shaky, getting cold sweats, it was amazing, to be liberated from the thinking patterns that were digging my grave..

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