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We’ve been mostly post-narc for about a year now. The divorce proceedings started a year ago and my ex-Nstepdad moved out some time in December. He moved out of state about a month ago and before that he was living across the street with his parents.

His parents and his sister pretty much stopped all communication with our mom until he moved out. My mom took it in stride in the beginning because they expressed that they didn’t want to get involved and he is their son. However, for the past two months, she’s been expressing how livid she is over the whole ordeal. If they want to see my youngest brother (their biological grandson; 13yo), they text him instead of making plans through her in case she’s already got plans especially since it’s rarely ever been on the days his dad was supposed to have him (some sneaky stuff went with this as well....).

Since the house has to be put up for sale because of the divorce, I went over to borrow a few items here and there. We have one item left to return (that they laid claim to because they lost theirs and they thought that ours was lent to us by them when my middle brother brought it over for a project—anyway my mom would rather just let them have it because a new one can be bought for like $15).

I’ve been the go-between for all of this. I’m seriously contemplating going over to return it and just being like, “I understand that you don’t want to get in-between it all, but it has to be said that he may never‘ve been physically abusive to us, but he was verbally and emotionally abusive to all of us, and he was financially and mentally abusive to our mom, and it has to be said because Lord knows you’ve only been hearing one side of things because we all know the dude can’t keep his trap shut.” My heart beats 100mph just thinking about it. And mention that my mom would like to talk with them or something. Because until they agree to hear our side of things, I’ll be hearing, “FUCK THEM!” (They were out talking with the people across the street like two days ago when we were leaving for somewhere and as we drove by they waved and we waved back and my mom was just like, “oh fuck them!”)


In other news, his aunt is the only one of his family who had made regular visits throughout and listens to our side of things and she’s tried to talk to him as well but she finally got berated by his parents to stay out of it. She’s clearly on our side lmao (I don’t believe in sides when it comes to divorce and break-ups pretty much unless abuse was involved, & he’s been making all of his friends and family choose) When he left the state, she stopped by about a week later she said, “well thank god he’s gone.” She’s a bit kooky and can only be taken is small doses, but damn she’s moved up in the ranking lol and she’s got one mean eye roll I’ve come to find out!

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