Cheers to Four Years: Dev Memories of Overwatch

Cool, but will they fix the game?

Imo it's in the worse state it has ever been in gameplay wise.

From a casuals perspective, EU server, ~Plat rank

Matchmaking is wack, 80% of the games are stomps on either side, only like 20% of the games you play feel "good" IE like "Yeah I can take this loss/win, both sides played well".

A lot of leavers on defense in quickplay, If you play quickplay as solo queue it's a very high chance that you will fill a spot from someone who left at the start of a defense round.

90% of the playerbase want to play DPS, out of those only 4 gets picked: Hanzo, Widow, Genji, Doomfist.

Tanks are made out of paper mache, and this was even before they released thier newsest hero which work pretty good as a anti tank.

This in turn make people not want to play tanks which adds on the previous issue.

The "Overwatch 2" will fix everything excuse is starting to get old in my ears, we don't even have a release date for that and at this point to be fair I don't have big faith in blizzard either.

Cheaters there is a ton of..

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