Children of Doomsday Prepper type parents: How has growing up living in a home where there is constant conversation and preparatory activity going on for the various end of the world scenarios affected you positively or negatively?

Know/Related to someone who is a 1% doomsday prepper.

My dad is a multimillionaire, not up to ten million kind of multimillionaire, I mean hundreds of millions, near billionaire. My mum and everyone else including me are poor. I never lived the privileged life or got child support. I am in the will though, so in a way It's like knowing you've won the euromillions, you just can't cash it until your dad dies. I lived with my mum on council estates eating cheap shitty food. So from being on the outside looking in, its quite hilarious to see and see what rich people think about and what their first world problems are. Which is really obnoxious when they get upset that a certain food is not available that season... Rich individuals who also happen to be doomsday preppers.. They look like squirrels with their nuts trying to berry it and save as much of their wealth they can. So greedy. Makes me resent the wealthy, even though I am related to one. But when you've personally never experienced wealth, it doesn't ever make you sympathetic to them or their problems. Growing up I only only saw him once a month.
My dad never shared anything with us, we could only look, never touch or have. Which is weird, since I am in his will. I guess he wants to teach us a lesson. Probably not though, knowing him, just greedy. That's okay, I plan to make my own way in life and I'll just give my inheritance to charity and a maybe a million to my future SO and kids sot they can live comfortably, but not extravagantly. I never want my kids to turn out like dumb rich people, like my dads friend I've been introduced to. Doing something I love is more important to me than the money I'll eventually get from inheritance. Any day. I'll make my own way in life, and I will succeed from my own personal will power and drive. So Dad is a doomsday prepper. Honestly, because when you have that much money... Tons of guns, cars, large estates... have thousands of acres of land in the scottish highlands. Which having a estate in Scotland makes no sense, if their is nuclear war, Scotland will become a glacier from the nuclear winter. He has wind farms, has houses in every major European country. So if we want to travel when the world has gone to shit, we can do.. Yeah, rich people are pretty dumb sometimes. How the fuck are we going to cross the English channel when the tunnel is obviously flooded? Also, who the fuck would take a holiday when the world has gone to shit. Lol. I know if zombies come, I'll go to my dad. He has snipers. He's really good at shooting since he is ex SAS (British Special Forces) For the unaware, they are probably the one of the best, if not the best special forces group in the world. It's really hard to get into, you have a better chance of getting into hogwarts. You have to have the drive, determination, and pain threshold from the mock torture situations to even get in. I'm pretty sure, I got my pain mutation from him. Or maybe not. lol. But if zombies happened to me, I'm getting on a boat and fucking off to America where their are guns, I have a better chance of surviving there.

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