Christ & racism don’t mix

If this offends or makes anyone angry at me, I'm sorry. Maybe I'm sounding ignorant or dull-minded. I'm just expressing my opinion at the very moment, and I've probably worded this wrong somehow. But this is something I've seen too much, and it has to stop.

There is so much hate for Christianity in this comment section.

I understand that some things are bad. We have bad people in our faith, and there are bad things that have happened in the Bible. But, is it right to stereotype us Catholics and Christians or our faith based on the worst of us?

I don't think so. These stereotypes and these snide comments towards us and our faith, as well as other people's faiths, need to stop as well. Everyone deserves a chance to be accepted, and loved, and doesn't deserve unwarranted hatred thats

It's like hating people or bad parts of people's histories has become peoples passtimes.

It's important to remember that people change. Catholicism is a lot better now, because the right people made the strides to make it represent God's picture of catholicism. We've become more inclusive, and a better message is being taught in our churches. There are definitely things that need to change(the priest rape ordeals, and the stereotypical view everyone has on our faith), but just like with blm, these things take time.

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