A look at the classic, BF4-style vehicle spawn system for BF1

Through having multiple "tank" categorized platforms that BF3 and BF4 did not have, BF1 encounters an armored vehicle balance dilemma that player choice, delivered by the new vehicle spawn system, enables. The MBTs could not be overused because there was only one of its kind. The IFVs could not be overused because there was only one of its kind. Now we have 4 tank sections each with their own subset. And because of this, one type will dominate the others concerning usability and performance. It's the nature of the beast that is balancing multiple entities. 

The only way I see this being addressed is to return to the old vehicle spawn and vehicle categorization systems. 

Traditional Conquest (obviously can be altered based on map): 

2 Heavy Tanks, 2 Multi-Crew, 1 Light Tank, 1 Artillery Support (default Artillery Truck and Mortar Truck), and 1 Anti-Air (if applicable) mixed with the various transports

This has been the bane of vehicle variety in Battlefield 1. Leaving unlimited choice up to the player has created the imbalance of vehicle usage and the illusion of "overpowered" or "underpowered" options. 

I see maybe why DICE changed up the system: 

  1. players complained they couldn't use certain vehicles because they were always taken 
  2. an experiment to see what vehicles would be the most popular in their current implementation via freedom of choice
  3. another system alteration/ innovation to prevent the feel of a "reskin" 

What I do know is that the implementation needs attention and cannot remain as it is.

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