Clay Matthews missed time towards end of NFC CG vs Seahawks because he was concussed. New medical timeout likely would have applied to Clay

To me, this is the biggest problem with concussions. It "sounds" like Clay probably got concussed, missed a couple series, then was trotted back out there for the OT drive to try to help his team get to a Super Bowl.

To me, the question is.. How many players get concussed per game? Because you dont want all your stars missing portions of game or being held out from entering back in the game if concussions are truly that common in every single game.

And of course, that is the gray area too -- Letting a player back in a game when someone on the sideline probably knew he got concussed. A team is supposed to protect a player from themselves, the player always wants to play.

"Matthews missed multiple series as the Packers’ 19-7 lead evaporated in the final 5 minutes of the game, but returned to the field for the lone series of overtime, which ended in Russell Wilson’s game-winning touchdown pass to Jermaine Kearse. Matthews’ absence was shrouded in mystery, as coach Mike McCarthy admitted he wasn’t sure why Matthews was out of the game while the defense collapsed.

In a conversation Wednesday after the league meetings wrapped up, Packers president/CEO Mark Murphy acknowledged that Matthews might have been examined for a concussion had the so-called “medical timeout” rule the league passed this week – one that allows an impartial “injury spotter” to stop play if a player might be injured and coaches, medical staff and officials on the field are unaware of it – had been in place for that game.

The impetus for the new rule is thought to be what happened in Super Bowl XLIX with New England wide receiver Julian Edelman, who absorbed a hard hit and appeared to be impaired as a result. Edelman not only didn’t miss any time, he apparently was never examined for a possible concussion. Edelman ended up catching a crucial touchdown pass during the Patriots’ victory over the Seahawks."

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