CMV: Misrepresentations of the Gender Pay Gap is hurting feminism

Can you really ignore the power of disapproval in society and how it hinders progress?

Unfortunately, you are right we can not. Politics should really not be allowed near anything important. I'm not going to go about saying discrimination doesn't exist on one side or the other or even suggest it's worse or better for one side or the other. I will however assert that it would be unprofessional and frankly quite dull to slows progress because of politics. Do people do this? Yes. Do I look at them with disgust? Fuck yes. I don't want the fuck working to disprove global warming in my field either.

Are boys naturally adverse to the color pink?

This is funny because my favorite color is pink. Like a milky pink though not a hot pink. Like cherry blossoms. As for integrating it into an outfit, you're right that's a harder thing to do because I am one ugly mug. Perception of self based off one's own sexual preferences is a thing, but I'm still not inclined to change my sexual preference to bi or fluid or some shit just because I disturbing number of my friends browse tumblr. Does that get me hate? Occasionally. Do I care? No.

Naturally hate wearing tutus and dresses?

Inefficient is my answer, and at this stage I don't know many women who where these.

Do they just not want to be nurses or stay at home parents?

Now we're getting down to the insidious sort of sexism that's interesting. There's actually a really good discussion of this elsewhere in the comments and even a bit in the main post. Like I said you're not going to catch me saying sexism doesn't exist. I just thought this particular argument against it was of poor quality. If you want to be a nurse don't claim any sort of culture is preventing you from doing it, unless they are literally and actively doing so. That means not through culture.

Do women not want to go topless, or are they shamed by fear of harassment and being ostracised into not doing so?

Might have something to do with sex. I'm pretty sure this is also mentioned elsewhere in the comments, but essentially: Sexism might be in part be a natural product of having different sexes. In which case certain things are truely unavoidable. Then again if we're still on my argument, what profession is that relevant? Professional mud wrestler? I don't even think it'd matter then... I mean if walking around half naked is your passion, for some weird ass reason, I suppose you're going to run into more people actively preventing you from doing that than would prevent males. You go me, kinda...

changing culture is easy?

Yes, but personally I prefer to ignore it.

Would you like to be the first openly gay person?

I've never really grasped this concept of being openly gay. Like, I guess oh you're not hiding that your gay, great. But, how am I going to find out in the first place? Maybe other people talk about sex a lot more than me or something because I had this one friend who was openly gay and I didn't know until someone else told me. Maybe you mean flags and shit in which case, I still hate gay culture. Omg, we get it you're gay, you're here. I don't care, shut up. Like fuck half of Greece was had gay lovers, it's not new. And the other side is just as annoying, something about gay being a sin. Like seriously? You want me to get involved in other people's sex life and you don't think that's twisted? The real question is how one side slipped into political favor. Like... ever. But again, let's keep politics away from important stuff.

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