[CMV] New storefronts are forced to rely on exclusivity deals because Steam users probably won't consider other storefronts even if those were objectively better than Steam.

GOG doesn't have good regional pricing in many country

dont know about that one. Given that they are from poland and used to have (had to close it, probably due to the profit issue) a compensation programme for conversion, i doubt that

refund policy only if you can't run it

Thats just all out not true

very limited number of new games because free DRM policy

A lot of good new games also made it to GoG regardless, especially single player games, like PoE or Divinity 2. Some games there also have a online DRM, which the store then "warns" about. And the store would be much more attractive if it had more customers. But it doesnt, since people are stuck on Steam.

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