Colbert rips Trump Jr. for using back door to go to Senate interview

Exactly not. Sloganeering does not change the reality. :)

government regulating speech

Fairness Doctrine required broadcast and media to provide some time for truly different views. For example, viewers were given a small amount of time to respond to editorials. While there is always room for some manipulation of the rules, having no rules means there are no standards. That's the media we have today. Today's corporate censorship is far worse than rules requiring presentation of different views. Handing over the media to giant industrial corporations to say whatever they want on the public transmission systems is the most anti-free speech situation possible.

Fairness Doctrine also required actual detailed factual analysis or issues -- something that has become very rare since rule repeal.

government will always be on their side for some reason.

Ronald Reagan was not able to manipulate Fairness Doctrine rules to be on his "side." That's why he repealed them in his second term. Your belief that the party in power can instantly change how a rule is implemented is plain wrong.

legally requiring half of all news to be fake

Which half? Anyway, as stated above, the doctrine often allowed "both" sides to be heard, and it also allowed other views to be presented.

news would have to give equal time to the idea that climate change is a hoax

The laws did not require "equal" time. As for global warming, we get more than half time of media pundits and pontificators claiming it's a "hoax" now. So, as before, once again, your solution is worse than the problem you decry.

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