Courtship Rumormill

Oh I love to share! The host husband whom I never really grew close to because he was navy and stationed at sea for I think almost 8-9 months of my year long stay. But he had tried to pray the gay away and was still dealing with temptation which is why they opened their home to us gays in the hope of achieving afterlife glorification.

I married 1 month, 3 days after my 16th birthday (16 being age of consent in my state at the time) we had known one another through AOL and met once before marrying on a weekend pass from basic he got, we are still married 21 years later. He knew I was attracted to only the female sex when we married and has loved me beyond words can be spoken. He is Mozart, he is Bach when it comes to love. He loves me with all he has despite my short comings and I love him because of it. We have 3 children born from our union, 7 pregnancies 1 abortion.

Oh the second my name was signed on that marriage certificate you better believe I broke free! I’ve not spoken to my dad in 21 years and only 1 of my siblings. The sister who was deeply traumatized by her SA And moved, changed her identity not a single person in my family knows where or who she is I have only spotty contact with my mom, and my atheist brother. Not a single of my siblings adhere to IBLP/ATI although my very young cousins in their teens I’ve personally hosted and acclimated out of the cult. I have 37 1st cousins, my maternal only has 62 grandkids and 58 grandkids not including at all my dads side. Just my moms who had 17 kids. My husbands grandma had an untold number due to adoption and unwed pregnancies a known 13 living children.

I was born at Pendleton, but my grass was grown in Oklahoma/Missouri border. I spent all my childhood Here. As an adult I’m still here In OK, I wasn’t even fundielite or adjacent just down the middle fundie. Exactly as you’d think.

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