Covid-positive nurses are working in NSW hospitals due to severe staffing shortages

I am concerned for you, other medical professionals and society in general. Maybe a strike isn't the way to go, but I have legitimate concerns:

You :

We don't know what the long term effects from covid are yet, but I'm sure they won't be good. When you get exposed, you risk exposing everyone near you. If that's not a concern, then what would happen if you died from it? Maybe you have kids, or siblings or parents etc. If you have kids they may never fully develop because you aren't there to guide them.

Medical Professionals :

We need these people around and they too have families and friends. It would be a shame to have entire hospital staffs infected, survive, but then have compromised health for the rest of their lives.

Society :

Society can survive without medical professionals for a few weeks. What it can't endure is the suffering and death if they choose to no longer work in the medical field or if their dead. The time to train medical people, as you know is long. So it's not like we can just advertise and re-populate hospital staff, medical workers.

I believe that society can only function well if medical professionals survive the pandemic with minimal impact. If a percentage of citizens don't survive because medical people need a break that's far better than if those same medical people die or quit and never, ever work in the field again because then, every stab wound, infection, heart attack would become a death sentence and that small percentage of deaths due to absent medical people would become a huge percentage in the following years.

ie We Need You more than any other type of professional.

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