Crime & Federalism: Peter Coffin Sends Bogus Legal Threat to 8Chan

This is a sad, depressing story. You probably shouldn't read it. Whatever, I warned you.

So, Peter Coffin came to public attention roughly two years ago as a "male" feminist. Back then, his thing was ensuring that women don't feel obligated to look like unrealistic ideals, which he did by empowering individual women who deviated from the accepted "traditional" standard of beauty to speak for themselves attacking women who he suspected had had plastic surgery. Note the wording here - I'm not saying he was attacking the idea of women receiving cosmetic surgery (which would still be pretty fucked up and intrusive), but rather that he was attacking individual women whom he felt were sending a bad message by being too attractive for his liking.

One of those women blocked him on twitter and tried to move on, but being a wise white man Peter wasn't about to let her escape the punishment that he knew that she certainly deserved for being such a vile harlot. After blocking Peter, she began receiving messages from a "Kimi Kobayashi" - an attractive Asian girl who claimed to be Peter's "Japanese" (she was actually Korean) girlfriend. "Kimi" pretty much spent all of her time online, flirting with Peter, making insanely racist jokes about Asians (it's okay though, because "she" is Asian so it's not really racist!), posting pictures of herself (never with Peter in them), or attacking people that Peter didn't like. The woman Peter and "Kimi" were attacking smelled bullshit and did some investigating.

She found out that Kimi is actually a Korean model named Lee Na Young who most likely had no idea any of this was going on. Peter took full responsibility for his shameful acts blamed anonymous MRA trolls (this was long before GG, otherwise it probably would have been our fault instead) and insisted that someone clearly made up this fake persona who talked exactly like him. And also forced him to lie and say that they had met and even had real sex. Yeah. Damn MRA trolls, totally their fault!

Amazingly, even after disgracing himself so massively this trainwreck of a human being is still around, singing songs with Jack Thompson Jr. about how they're such "nice guys" they'll totally be getting rewarded with sex sometime soon (warning: painfully cringey to sit through) and attacking GG. Because, you know. Obviously a "man" who made up an Internet girlfriend so that he could talk about how all Asians look alike is completely qualified to sit in judgement.

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