Dark side of the cake

You're not hearing me man they didn't do drugs they did psychedelics. i

f you were to have an open honest conversation with them you would understand how hellbent and they were on making a this distinction they were some of the only people who made that distinction that's why they were still a"live at Pompeii"

there's a very deep message here man you should try to understand what I'm saying

When we first discovered fire we thought it was the devil then we learned that we were primitively categorizing it based on its reckless misuse

I'm going to take a leap of faith here and give you enough credit to figure out what I mean by that and fill in the rest for yourself

nah fuck it let me explain a little more lol

Right now there seems to be a massive shift happening in this specific area, people are recognizing that classifying psychedelics as drugs has been to the serious disadvantage of the evolution of human consciousness

You have a probably very blurry confused impression of what the state of mind is that these things produce

and that's because a lot of people don't approach them with the kind of preparation that's necessary for utter clarity, they get caught up in the can of worms opening inside of them, which they were not prepared for because they thought this was some kind of recreational drug experience and it was supposed to be fun

Its not fun its more like a grueling therapy but that's the beginning of a path... when you face all of your inner darkness without fear you uncover the beauty within yourself and then the rewards are extremely rich

Psychedelics are the epitome of wholesomeness, they're like a litmus test

the Indians say if you throw up after eating peyote, it's because you are not pure, you have to refrain from meet on alcohol for a few days before a profound psychedelic experience unless you want to feel extremely uncomfortable and thereby make the excuse to never do it again and.. blame it, and not yourself, for the uncovered unpleasantness

which is sadly misguided

it's like blaming the mirror because you saw some pimples :/

In about 10 years or so you'll realize why I spent the time here because you'll learn enough about your own and general human psychology to know that when someone is arguing with you, even if they're being extremely arrogant, they probably secretly want the information that you have but are still too proud to admit it.. otherwise they would walk away

Sometimes the want of that information is even unconscious, the human mind is an extremely deep well and most people don't know much about what makes them tick

Those who really want to know find themselves gravitating towards psychedelics

those who really don't want to know find themselves gravitating toward drugs, of which alcohol is absolutely one of the worst, even though ......or perhaps because.......... it's the most accepted

People who grew up doing psychedelics are usually pretty dedicated to helping other people

I learned about these things from my twin Dutch babysitter's Yvonne and Yvette who used to do a lot of acid and listen to Pink Floyd when they babysit for me

Apparently it made a dent

But don't call a dentist, I have plenty of mental floss


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