Dark Souls III is Bandai Namco America’s fastest selling title ever

[Spoilers galore](#s " 1.The game is basically a glorified fanservice with all the recurring characters themes and items (Andre, Anor Londo, dragons in Lothric, onionbro, crestfallen's new reincarnation, weapons and armour), unlike DS 2, which tried a lot of new things - whether they've succeeded or not is another matter. It's like with the newest Star Wars movie, they spend so much time blinking to the players, saying 'hey, you remember that?', that they fail to develop more new and original ideas.

2.Almost all regular monsters have much longer combos than in previous games and it seems like some of them have infinite stamina with only programmed pauses between combos, not even mentioning the bosses like Pontifex and Champion Gundyr which I felt like they were outright cheating with their combo chains.

3.The changes to rolling, while subjective, encourage spamming roll since it costs almost nothing now in stamina and the staming management is much much easier than in previous games.

4.It feels to me like From has gone overboard on the monstrosity design - the second phase of the very first boss feels like out of Bloodborne, not even mentioning the monsters accompanying dragonslayer armour as well as regular monsters which are usually much taller than the player and surprisingly agile.

5.Every boss fight (except one, which I'll get to), unlike in previous installments, has 2 phases. It makes bossfights that could've been surprising to have a second phase (twin princes, nameless king, last boss) very predictable. Remember when fighting O&S in DS1, after finally killing one of them, you get the 'what, there's a second phase?' feeling? It was new and it was fun. Well now it's gone.

6.Two gimmicky bossfights Yhorm and Ancient Wyvern, that are Bed of Chaos/Dragon God level of shit design, too easy after you 'figure them out' and replaying them on next runs isn't fun in any way.

7.PvP issues are discussed all the time and I won't elaborate further much further on them than saying that I think giving red phantoms the ability to chug estus and making invading gankers more likely were both awful decisions.

8.Not upgrading armour? Removing backstep i-frames? Why?

9.The game is more linear than both DS1 (which basically had an open worlds sans Anor Londo) and DS 2 (which you had the ability to choose which great souls are you going to pursue, and you could've gotten to for example Ruin Sentinels in two much different ways). The game forks 3 times: Cathedral/Abyss Watchers; Yhorm/Aldrich; Dragonslayer Armour/optional areas and that's it. [it seems that I've been wrong and you can access the Dancer earlier - that's nice]

10.Poise is non existent and stunlocking (esp. PvE) with fast spammy weapon is definitely too strong.")

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