Dating apps and social media have created a generation of young women who vastly overestimate their attractiveness

I think it's more that social media has raised everyone's standards while generally everyone has less access to resources. The crunch at the bottom is more severe as real wages and access to employment are huge issues for men underneath median income. Meanwhile the public discourse around career growth is dominated by the discussion of women's access to career growth and discrepancy in pay which exist and are severe.

For gen x and millennials the cultural aesthetic that men will be providers still pervades society while functionally many men will never reach this standard. This shifting sand of the definition of American masculinity once defined by provider status haunts many men's self esteem even as the cultural norm winds down. Men in general have less opportunities then their fathers. Women in general have more opportunities than their mothers. On average every American has less opportunity than their parents. It's easy to exploit these lost males and scape goat women and minorities for this state things.

So unconfident, politically and socially radicalized males meet a generation of women who for their part still haven't adapted to changing norms as rapidly as they have changed. Oh and now we live seeing try lifestyles, junk food is the norm and we are all overweight. It's no wonder something like social media can exploit the most toxic aspects of these things and make them worse. In this environment it's pretty easy to see why people are to bitter to get over themselves their expectations, accept their flaws, learn to love thems loves and have the emotional room to love someone else.

We can just turn to some echo chamber where our problems are the most important ones, hav our most unconstructive thoughts validated and amplified and squeeze out any bandwidth we have for empathy to other people in emotinal masterbation sessions of self-pitty. This way we can just never see eye to eye, everyone can see themselves as the real victim and never accept others experiences as valid because only our experience is important. Selfish vapid wasteland that the well to do, and priveleged can exploit.

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