Derek Chauvin receiving his sentence of 22.5 years

There was more than enough reasonable doubt, and several expert trial attorneys claiming grounds for a mistrial. It should have been held in a different state to have an unbiased jury. One of the jurors was found to be an active BLM activist. The chief of police testified that his knee was on his back, not neck. The police use of force expert testified that the submission hold was well within reason. George Floyd died in the ambulance, not on scene. The paramedics refused to render him immediate assistance at the scene, because it was too dangerous due to the crowd. Georges drug dealer was literally in the car with him, but refused to testify. He was in the hospital for a life threatening overdose just weeks prior to his death. There was not even a shred of evidence pointing to racism, neither in his history as an officer or in his personal life. Floyd's girlfriend testified that he was a chronic addict, and consitenly involved in criminal activity. There was way way way way way too much bullshit involved in this trial for them to come back with a guilty verdict in 10 hours. Every single lawyer that I've seen speak about this trial has said this shit was dirty. Was he fully innocent? Maybe not. Did George Floyd deserve to die? Absolutely not. But people have to be absolutely ignorant to call this case cut and dry. See the comments. I'm a racist for believing in due process, unbiased jury, and the high standard of proof being BEYOND a reasonable doubt.

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