DICE we need to talk Patch process.

What? The Dec 6th patch for BF3 came so quickly because it was both a planned patch as well as the "Back to Karkand" expansion. So they did an insta-fix not as a part of the server side solution they came up with later, but because a DLC was coming out anyways, and they had already paid the Sony and MS DLC fees.

Okay so first it was the "strict" certification policies that where the hold up, now its the fees. Make up your mind. Just CTRL+F this page for Warframe, an admin has already stated that they CAN roll the patches out much faster and are looking at doing so. Another user, the one that mentioned Warframe, notes that the cert times are only 3 to 6 days. Seems this "strict" policy isnt so strict that it takes a shitload of time, and I am going to assume that these "DLC Fees" you mentioned, as to why the only time a patch could come out within a month and not when needed, arent really that much of a concern if they are looking at this option and discussing it with the community here on reddit. Want to postulate some more about this stuff and be wrong, go for it. So far it doesnt seem like you really know very much of what youre discussing, though.

Yep, noobs complained about it because Metro was the most popular BF3 map. Seriously, it was utterly irrelevant outside of Metro.

You dont have any supportive data to back this up. And how would you? Has someone from DICE handed you the statistical information for you to make this claim? You made the statement, back it up or it means nothing. So far youre one of the last people I would take at their word when it comes to guessing why things are the way they are in the game.

Um... I actually said that in my first sentence to you. "Yes, it is a no brainer, but PC is the only platform that Dice could do daily hotfixes with. MS and Sony have a really strict patching policy, and the console platforms limit or eliminate in many cases quick patch times."

You said it was no brainer then you explained why it couldnt happen, which you seem to have been wrong about, ironically. You didnt agree with me on them being able to roll the updates out faster, idiot. You agreed with me on how sound of a move it would be for them to do so, then you went into telling me all about why you thought they couldnt. CTRL+F Warframe and see how you were wrong in your explanation.

You are the epitome of the term pedantic.

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