Post-Game Thread: Dallas Cowboys vs Las Vegas Raiders (Week 12, 2021)

I get called an idiot and all kinds of homophobic shit for doubting these guys going into the playoffs. Just fucking love the Cowboys and am far from a casual fan. I'm also a realist.

Not having Coop, Tank, CeeDee, etc etc sucks and is a sure reason to see a dip in production. That's not why I doubt them. Our kicker is insanely unreliable. It feels like a coin flip everytime. Our defense is either amazing or missing from drive to drive. I think we're damn close. But games like this just bum me the hell out.

That said, it's faaar from over. We're gonna have some heated divisional matchups real soon and some key guys coming back. I hope they surprise the hell out of me and win it all.

Take a breath, enjoy Thanksgiving and let's fucking go, Cowboys.

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