Does Religion Really Cause War - And Do Atheists Have Something To Answer For?

I too considered these things and have been cleared of them as sources. I heard voices late in life. I keep as much emtion checked as I had been approached in a sexual situation as a child 3 times by three different men at different times. I learned early that most people ate not honest which is contrary to how I always lived and so I learned to understand motive real fast. A life time of learning not to trust builds into blocking emotion. I also learned when I experience extream emotion, events begin to happen, as if I was the conductor of the orchestra. I try to hold back as much as possible because I prefer a normal life and although I enjoy these very strange events, I still prefer normal over something that I would think about for ages.

Also what I wrote was the odd things that popped up over a very long period of time inside a five minute read. Anyone who wrote only the highlights of their life would come across as crazy because they did not include all those slower moments of regular life that eventually generate those bigger moments.

And still these strange things continue to happen. I have even experienced things that have incrediable odds at happening. Although they arent to important in my life, when one adds them up they produce an unusal picture over all.

Numbers have a way of following me around. Once where I lived the phone company randomly gave me the same number as my house number. On another occasions at different times of installing additional phone lines by 3 different company (local phone company, verizon etc) the numbers they gave me were consecutive with only the suffix that was different; four different numbers. I played poker once where, as a joke, I told the guy right next to me that I could tell which cards would come up. I bet him a quarter that I could name the next three cards before they were dealt one at a time. Those cards were 2, 2, 2. I smiled and collected my quarter. My second husbands birthday is Dec 17th. At the end of my marraige which was getting pretty bizarre, I met new friends, changed jobs and lived a different life. I meantioned to a friend that today was my husbands birthday and he said it was his too. And then another friend said it was theirs as well. I competed on this as odd, when another friend said it was their birthday too. Then I found out it was my new bosses birthday too. Besides that being weird, my first husbands birthday was Dec 16. When he remarried, his wife,s birthday was the day I married him. She did not know this as it was 7 years later. And the numbers continue to come that relate to other numbets etc. But I cant win the lottery lol.

And then there are even mch more that keeps on happening. A few years ago in less than a three year period, I recieved 12 thousand dollars four times from four different sources. I also had only 25 dollars and rent was due. My husband and I just split up and I had no job, no money but I had kds. I cryed the next day (glad he was gone but needing help). Looked in a local thin news paper the next day, went to meet a man who wanted a website built, he hired me, paid me an advance, and it was exactly what I needed. He was promoting an Angel painting he had commissioned. I did not tell him I needed any money.

The list keeps on getting longer. Each event is documented by many people and eventually people started treating me odd. They wanted me to do palor tricks which I did not want to do. This type of thing is nothing to play with. I refuse to encourage this stuff because things become solid from abstract. And so I keep my emotions in check. :)

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