Dog fight freak out at Home Depot

It’s dangerous to cherry-pick research to incorrectly support your position. The “behavioral traits” being looked at here are biddability, being toy motivated, being social, being dog aggressive, etc. They also tested for behaviors that are instinctual and bred into certain groups - retrieving, herding, etc - and found them to be more reliably heritable. Also, the source for this study is just a survey of dog owners. This isn’t a reliable source of observed behavior, it is literally just a questionnaire. Pitbulls were bred to fight, there is no point to deny this doesn’t impact the breed. Go to any AKC Meet the Breed and ask a working Terrier breeder (like Border, idk) if it’s safe to leave it alone with your cat, with your hamster, your bird with 0 risk it’ll just snap and chase it down. They’ll say no.

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