Drunk woman and her freind cause chaos in 7-11, get beaten down by store clerks (3:40)

1) Never insulted me? You accused me of knowingly spouting bullshit. You said I was making an "insane attempt" to victimize the attackers.

I said what you said was insane, basically I said I didn't think it was right. I disagreed with you. That's it. Didn't call you ridiculously stupid, didn't call you fuck nuts (thanks for that, haven't heard that in over a decade easily). And yes, you were spouting bullshit... Because you were trying to make victims out of these people by appealing to emotions, i.e. poor brother taking care of his drug addicted sister.

So no, I never insulted you. I just said you were wrong.

2) True colors? You just justified a man beating another NON violent man over the head with a baton.

And you handle disagreements with knee-jerk personal insults. I've seen it a thousand times, it really shows a lack of maturity. Disagreements will happen and having the behavior you do is just childish to be honest.

3) Logic? I laid out exactly why this was not justice - man didn't hurt the store or cause damage, man never hit anyone, man never encouraged woman to do anything, man tried weakly to remove woman, man stood in front of other man with baton to protect a woman from being hit, man tried to use his words and not violence to deescalate a situation, man actually got woman out but clerk escalated issue by hitting them with a bag. That is LOGIC. What are your logical reasons for suggesting that HE deserved to be best. That he is a) guilty by association, b) deserved to get best on the head with a baton for failing to leave quick enough, and c) he didn't remove the other adult at quick enough pace for you? What the fuck type of logic is that.

So is he or is he not responsible for her? By choosing to stay after being told to get the fuck out, he chose to take a risk he'd be involved. By grabbing at her purse and trying to yank it away, somehow getting pulled back in the store (the guy was a middle aged dude, he must have some serious strength to do that to a young guy) he made a choice. He wasn't a helpless victim, he chose to stay and didn't do a damn thing by standing around. If he would have just left, or I don't know not letting an insanely drunk friend into the store in the first place, all of this could have been avoided. This isn't a, "hindsight is 20/20" situation, this is just common fucking sense.

Like the concert story I told another user, I saw my friend shove someone and they were both clearly heated for no reason other than drunk and stupid. Now, I made a decision to get involved and push them away from each other. In the process, I got smacked pretty good a couple times. I took responsibility for it, didn't get all pissed and try suing anyone or some other nonsense. I chose to get involved and there were consequences. Everyone walked away fine and not in handcuffs, so I feel it was worth it.

Am I saying the store clerks are saints? Hell no. I'm saying that guy is an idiot and made a whole bunch of bad decisions that led to him getting smacked a couple times. Not even hard, can we stop pretending he was horribly beaten?

That's my civil debate. Debate that.

Just did! But usually someone with your attitude just makes some smart-ass comment about me being a troll again or just never replies so. I'm not confident in a great response here so if you don't have something substantial, I won't answer and you can "win" this little interaction.

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